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Pulling information out of code and putting it into data files is an effective way to keep code simple. First, you need a way to represent this information that is easy to process and rich enough to support a wide range of data structures. XML seems ideal for this. Quick gives you the facility to recombine this data with your code.
Quick is a tool for generating and processing XML. Quick converts arbitrary object structures into trees of XML elements. Converts Cross-linked XML documents into structures of objects.
Quick is a data modeling system for transforming XML into Java objects and Java objects into XML. Quick builds on QJML, a binding schema that connects XML elements to Java classes. Quick fully supports Java inheritance, including abstract and interface elements. The developer is given fine-grained control over code generation,so the generated code can extend and interoperate with pre-existing classes.
Quick works with Java Beans and Bean Property Editors. Developer-provided Bean Property Editors allow the use of custome data types (Java classes) when processing XML attributes and simple elements with text content. Quick provides a thread-safe framework (the ocm package) for simple and complex data transformations.
Quick provides utlities for transforming DTDs into QJML, QJML into marshaling logic, QJML into documentation (HTML), and QJML into data classes that are based on its MVC framework.