The object of this guide is to provide an overview of the concepts behind Quick and an introduction to some of the capabilities of Quick, as well as providing direction on how to use some of its features.


Part I: An Overview of Quick

What is Quick?



Two kinds of XML

Document Validation, Error Messages and CLASSPATH


Quick's 3 Schemas: QDML, QJML and QIML

QDML, Quick's XML Schema

A comparison of Quick and JAXB

Part II: How to Use the Quick Utilities

A few things to get Started

Converting a DTD into a QDML Schema (cfgDtd2Qdml and cfgQdml2Dtd)

Setting the QDML Root (cfgSetQdmlRoot)

Converting QDML to QJML (cfgQdml2Qjml and cfgQjml2Qdml)

Generating Java from QJML (cfgQjml2Java2)

Generating QIML and schema factory classes (cfgQjml2Qiml and cfgQiml2Java)

Part III: How to Use the Quick API

Using the Quick Runtime

Expressing Objects in XML

Building Objects from XML

Part IV: Config

A Script for Validating Parameters

Scripts--A Potential Security Risk

Config Document Examples

Config Binding Schema

The Item Interface

A Generic Main Method

Processing Scripts

Invoking the Application

Part V: Transforming XML

Model/View/Controller (MVC)

The Quick Utilities

MVC Design Issues

Example 1: cfgNoid

Example 2: cfgQjml2Html

Part VI: Links