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Presenting... QARE (pronounced "Care")
An open source framework for Distributed Web Services,supporting B2B, B2C and P2P applications.

QARE Public Portal - Live!

Web Services should be...
Fast: As fast as any application that runs on your PC (No world-wide wait)
Accessible: No special software required for casual users; minimum resources required for small trading partners (Barrier free)
Inter-connected: A single point of entry for wide-ranging services (An open market)
Licenced: Something for everyone, some things just for paying customers (Supplying valued content and services)
Sharable: To keep the market growing (What's that URL?)
Universal: Suitable for a wide range of uses (Partitioned networks have diminished value)
Safe: Secure against harmful requests and submissions (Virus-proof)

The QARE Value Proposition for ISVs, Development Centers and IAI Consultants
Fast (No world-wide wait):
Accessible (Barrier free):
Inter-connected (An open market):
Licenced (Supplying valued content and services):
Sharable (What's that URL?):
Universal (Partitioned networks have diminished value):
Safe (Virus-proof):