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Developers often faces problems in testing when code contains huge amount of test data. In this case it is essential to separate test data from code to make the testing easier. JXWeb is a scripting tool that expresses the test scenario in the form of script. Thus it makes the test more understandable and easy to change.
JXWeb provides testing facility for web services. It is an extension of JXUnit, with additional commands for navigating web pages.
JXWeb does not requires special test data for testing. For testing you have to make script file and have to set the necessarry parameters.
Making test script is very simple. Make script files and set the necessarry parameters. This is a simple test script which tests the home page of a url by asserting the response got, with a local test data.
Example Test Script:
        <set name="req" value="classpath:///test1/index.html"/>
	<ifEqual converse="true" name="respText" file="index.html">
		<save name="respText" file="index_.html"/>
		<fail>bad get </fail>